Presidential Candidates

Sometimes we look at the current state of our political system, and we almost think that we have no other option but to vote for the nominees from the two major parties. And while those parties have given us some great candidates over the years, it does not mean we are duty-bound to hold on to the idea that we need to vote for one of those nominees every four years. In fact, it is important for voters to go with their head and heart – vote for the person who most represents the interests you are fighting for. When you vote for someone who represents your interest, you will feel better about your vote.

It is why you should take the time to look at the 3rd party presidential candidates who are on the ballot in various states. And you may have a tendency to think that there is no point to vote for someone from a third party, since they are probably not going to get five or six percent of the vote in one or many states. But you should not view it in such a way. You should view it as sticking with your convictions and voting for the person you think is going to make the best president.

If you see someone on the ballot, and they have a great history, and you could see them being a great president, you should support them and give them your vote. It does not matter if they are a Republican or Democrat or a third party candidate. All you need to see is the history of work this person has done, both in the private and public sector. And then you have to decide whether they have the character and the temperament to be the President of the United States you would want.