Amarillo, Texas: A Few Facts

Amarillo is located in the area known as western Texas, or West Texas to some. The city is home to approximately 73,343 residents, a great laid back western movie setting, and plenty of awesome west Texas photography moments ready to capture so that you can remember them forever.

Helium and Cattle: The Amarillo Way

Amarillo is known by residents as the helium capital. It is in Amarillo where you will find the largest supply of the gas. The city is also known as the cattle shipping capital of the world. Many exquisite ranches are located in Amarillo giving the town this title.

Grand Canyon’s Leader

The largest canyon in Texas is also located in Amarillo. The Palo Duro Canyon is second largest only after the Grand Canyon. There is also a nuclear weapons assembly plant located in Amarillo. This plant is one of the larges found in the U.S.

Sound and Show in Amarillo

Music and movies oftentimes include Amarillo in them. In fact, the Indiana Jones movie series was filmed in Amarillo, and many songs have been written to profess love of the town and its greatness.

A Photo that Lasts

Many great photo opps exist in Amarillo. If you have the chance to visit, it is an experience that you will never forget. Be sure to visit the canyon and take a few photos while you are there. It is an experience that you won’t soon forget. Of course, the canyon is but one of the many places in town that you can get an incredible shot that you will want to preserve for a lifetime.

If you are unable to make the trip to Amarillo, you can always enjoy the array of photography available to help you live the Amarillo life. Take a look at the choices and add a beautiful photo to your wall collection without delay.